Deadpool Movie Review(Spoiler Free)

Starting off 2016’s superhero season is Deadpool, a film that from the get-go, makes it clear that it was made for the fans.  The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular “Merc with a mouth,” and he could not be more perfect for the role. Reynolds delivers all of Deadpools one-liners and quips hilariously. Deadpool is an astonishingly different take on superhero movies, boasting an R rating and using it to it’s fullest potential. I would say it is a revenge story with a romantic comedy element. The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin is spot on and you genuinely care for them as a couple.  Deadpools infamous fourth wall breaks are used effectively and never feel like they are overkill. The action is both stylish and gory, and you’re always on the edge of your seat entertained. The movie itself, feels a little linear and predictable, with the scale of the story feeling heavily reduced from what we are used to. The film is a lot of fun to watch and i would definitely recommend seeing it, even if you aren’t into the Superhero craze. Below is a short Pros and cons list for the film.


  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Chemistry between  Ryan and Morena
  • Hilarious jokes
  • Suit looks like it came straight out the comics
  • Stylish action sequences
  • Lots of X-men and Green Lantern jokes


  • Linear story
  • Underused supporting cast

Overall Deadpool is a film that you know you will enjoy when the opening credits start to roll. It is a great redemption for the character since the X-Men:Origins days and I cannot wait to see how Wade Wilson will be used in the future. Deadpool proves that R-Rated superhero films work. You can be damn sure I will be seeing the movie again.

Overall Score: 80%


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