Characters I want to See in Injustice 2

Leaked Injustice 2  Poster 

With the surprise announced that Injustice was getting a sequel this morning via a poster leak, we can now expect another amazing DC fighting game from the studio that brought us Mortal Kombat, chalked up with an impressive roster of characters to choose from and an amazing story to play through. While I don’t know where the story will go in this installment, as I had felt the last game had ended pretty well, I am hoping the following characters will make an appearance:

Poison Ivy


Badass villain and best friend to Harley Quinn, poison Ivy would make a great addition to the game. A mix of plant-based grapples and stuns mixed with swift melee moves could make for an impressive fighter. Seeing where she stands in the Injustice world will also be interesting.

Booster Gold


Arguably the Johnny Cage of DC, Booster Golds humour and charisma would be an amazing addition to the injustice series. His sleek and stylish suit could go head to head with Lex’s bulky suit. Also his time-travelling abilities could be a pinnacle point of the story.

Static Shock 


Static Shock is one of my favorite DC characters and it is an absolute crime that he was never included in the first game.  Injustice 2 can have an older-more mature version of static shock who has mastered his craft and can go toe-toe with the likes of The Flash and Shazam. It is clear that Static would have never sides with superman in the events that lead to Injustice, so i’d be interested to see what has become of him.

Black Canary


We all know that CW’s Arrow(or error as people on twitter have been calling it), has become a convoluted mess that did a huge Injustice to the Black Canary character(Twice), but after reading the Green Arrow Rebirth, there is still some hope for the character. With her fighting skills and special ability, we would expect to see her be a close ranger fighter with one ranged attack that is effective. Seeing as Oliver is dead in the Injustice world, it is interesting to see what has become of her character. It would be cool to see Katie Cassidy play her in the game as well.

Jason Todd/The Red Hood 

Jason Todd is one of my favorite characters, being one of Batman’s strongest students and the only adversary that could ever beat him, Jason Todd’s inclusion in the Injustice universe is a must. His different fighting styles and use of dual pistols makes for a deadly combo. Being the only Robin that Batman has trained to start killing criminals, seeing how Jason deals with the criminals in the Injustice world will be interesting. Is he one of Superman’s enforcers, was he apart of the resistance or something else entirely?  Side note: It would be cool to see Jason have Robin and Arkham Night variant costumes!


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